NaNoCon 6

Montgomery Bell State Park
near Nashville, TN

Stay tuned for 2025!

There is no NaNoCon planned for 2024. 
See you next year!

NaNoCon is a gathering for non-religious people in the South -- now planning for our 6th year!

These were the awesome Speakers for our most recent event... stay tuned for more in 2025!

Actor, author, founder
of @DaretoDoubt 

Black Non-Believers president, speaker

The Atheist Experience
show host, debater

The Thinking Atheist podcast, author

Dying Out Loud,
former pastor

LGBT rights activist, history professor


Ethical Society Leader, Radical Queer Atheologian 

Recovering from Religion director

Got a cool Workshop or Panel you'd like to host for 2025?  Propose it here!  
Hiking, boating, nature by the lake,
golf, sun by the pool  
BBQ dinner & cash bar, on an evening terrace with secular friends, overlooking the beautiful lake. 

Let us know you'll be attending!

The Lodge at Montgomery Bell

1000 Hotel Avenue, Burns, TN 37029 

Montgomery Bell State Park, located 45 minutes West of Nashville, TN, offers beautiful pool, bar, restaurant, hiking, golfing, camping, boating, and biking options. 

The Lodge is a top-notch conference space with hotel rooms and great summer entertainment options.  

 What is NaNoCon?

NaNoCon is a yearly gathering for all of us happy heathens living in the Bible Belt. We do it in Tennessee because duh, Nashville is awesome, and because, well, here’s where it started!  There's typically not a lot here in the South for us non-religious types, so we figured we'd just have to start something ourselves.  Our first event was on March 5, 2016, and over 400 people showed up from a 6 state region, so we decided to keep it going.  Now, after our fifth successful in-person event in 2022, we're gearing up for NaNoCon 6 in 2025!  

We call it the Nashville "Nones" Convention -- this refers to the answer people like us give on surveys when asked to select our religious preference, and we pick "None of the above."  Turns out there are actually quite a lot of us... one in four, maybe more.  In fact, according to the survey people at Pew Research, apparently we're the fastest-growing group in the country, by far.  So, there might as well be something like this, by us and for us, to help us get connected.  

What started out in 2016 as just a good idea among friends has since become a thing that has helped lots of people get connected, support each other’s journeys, and share experiences, ideas, and high fives. 

Check it out, spread the word, let's build something cool!

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